Marimba Meets: Roska

If there was ever an award for an artist having the most influence over a genres development, innovation and characteristics, this man right here might just be the winner for UK Funky.

His brand new album “Perception” once again pushes boundaries in one of the most inventive and innovative underground genres out there and see’s feature after feature from the likes of “Mista Silva”, “Donae’o”, “Newham Generals” and “Aleisha Lee” to name but a few. Bringing together variation and contrasting styles, it seems as though Perception has that little something for everyone, something we are now so used to seeing from Funky kingpin Roska and his Kicks & Snares label alike.

Just a week after his most recent Boiler Room set and on the brink of releasing his hotly anticipated “Perception” album 5 years on from his last with Rinse Recordings, we reached out to him to talk about what’s in store for the album, his personal plans and some instrumental words of advice for all of the newcomers to the scene.

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Roska - Perception
Roska – Perception

So it’s been a few years since your last, but you’re a few days away from your brand new album so I’m just going to kick it off by saying Perception – If you had 3 words to sum it up what would they be?

Yeah it’s been 5 years since my last LP. I’d say 3 words would be – Overdue, Original and Percussive

Haha very overdue indeed! How long would you say it’s taken you to get everything together for it?

I’d say overall it’s taken me 8 months to finish. but some of the tracks were made in 2010, 2015 and 2016. The mixing down was the longest bit which took me a month. Making sure they all sound similar.

How did the name perception come about? Was there a deeper meaning into it or just something you had in mind?

The name came about once I made ‘Perception‘ It’s a mixture of things from a deeper perspective. Just looking at how social media has made it easier for people to show what talent they have to offer, good or bad as an example. Over a period where I came through on the back end of where it was soooo easy to press 12’s and things like Facebook pages and Twitter was just coming to be something – so it meant leaving your house, going to record shops or picking up magazines or just generally talking to people to find out what’s going on or what music is dropping next/soon. Those are just some of the reasons/explanations I had why I chose that title.

So do you feel like music has lost that sort of physical presence then with social media and digital coming about?

Definitely with digital. It’s just so easy to get the demand to the consumer. Not a bad thing but defo an observation. If you follow Plastician on Twitter you might see him tweet about dub plate culture and having to wait 6+ months for something to come out and that was okay. People crying if something is taking a month to come out now ahah

Yeh for sure haha! Sooo As far as your new album is concerned, the tracks we’ve heard so far show what variety funky really has and it also gives an insight into what RKS is about and has on offer too. Obviously you have club bangers like the title track “perception” and “Don’t get gassed” with Jammz, but then you bring the summery vibey tracks like “Over You” with Aleisha Lee and “Running” with Simbad & Chrystal. What can we expect from the other tracks on the album?

With my album I kinda wanted to show something different to what’s on offer right now. It’s only a small amount of new artists coming forward but I wanted to bring some musical elements to what’s happening which links in with my previous answer about the rapidness we can share our music cutting out so much in the middle. I always enjoy creating songs and working with singers, which i don’t do enough. So I’ve pushed for that more on the LP leaning more towards my live show I have setup.

How important do you feel it is for vocals to be on funky?

Very important. I can show you some examples of what I came through listening to. But it broke up the night of being just beats beats beats. And even then the beats were grooves. 8 mins long rollers. Also I don’t want people to think I dislike anything going on. I love it all. For me seeing new faces and artists emerge has been a long time coming as I’ve seen the first wave literally quit before my eyes

Yeh for sure! We caught your set for boiler room and obviously you had the likes of Serocee, Mista Silva and Aleisha Lee all performing with you, it seems it’s a complete different vibe when there’s vocalists up there with you with everyone grooving, as you said earlier too, how’s the live show plans going?

Yh man. I knew everyone was going to come with specifics so I thought I’d switch it up a little. I start rehearsals next week. everything else is in place. Just waiting on show dates to be confirmed

That’s so mad! Different too as not really something you’d necessarily usually think you’d see, will for sure have to catch that! Going back to what you said about up comers too, obviously you’re at the forefront of bringing people through the ranks, especially with the rks dubz imprint, but if you had to say one name who you think will be doing bits over the next year or so who would it be and why?

It’s hard to tell as I’ve had so many come through and the momentum is building then the hype simmers a little. It’s always down to the individual what they do next. I can only help so much so the rest is on them to figure out what’s next. Most of the time is mainly down to consistency and continuing with what they are doing. Like I always get the artists to drop me a line or ask me whatever. When it comes to the music I always want to hear some new stuff and I love it when the artist is chasing me to release rather than the other way around. I’d say over the last year, Motu & Polo have been hard working and pushing their sounds really well. I want to see more from them as I believe they can go so much further.


They’re both two artists who seem to have their own individual sound too which seems to be pretty key! So do you think it’s more about the ambition and and how much the artist wants it basically as to how far they can go?

Yeah definitely about their ambition. I’ve seen it before where an artist thinks just because I’m Roska they’re set hahaha. I’m sure the affiliation is nice but there’s loads of work to be done if you wanna be here for a long time. As an example, look at Murder He Wrote. He is flying right now. When I met with him, we made a plan and it worked well because he did what I suggested and added his own ideas on top and used his initiative to create more opportunities for himself.

Definitely a different way to go about it! So for all the upcomers that are coming through with Funky seeing the limelight again, what words of advice would you give anyone who was trying to make it?

I’d say. Think outside the box. Listen to some of the older music, not just the names u know. Like ur Lil Silva’s, naughty etc etc. Be consistent. Don’t be afraid to ask people to buy your music and don’t let your career be built on refixes and remixes.

Hit the nail on the head there again, especially about being original not just on remixes!

So lastly, what’s next for both RKS and yourself in the near future?

I’m gonna chill for a bit and work on some more music whilst my album is circling. Next is Hardhouse Banton and Boy 8-Bit projects in the next months. Also some more RKS compilations to close 2018. Also a RKS Dubz compilation.

Straight back onto the music? That’s what we like to hear! Tonne of new music on the labels to come then too which I’m sure will kill it as per.. Big ups for taking the time out to speak to us and we look forward to seeing this live show one day too!


Check out the youtube playlist for Roska – Perception LP HERE


Make sure you go and check out Roska’s brand new album “Perception” here (Available 07/09/2018) –

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