When two giants collide – Marcus Nasty goes B2B with Skream for a world exclusive UK Funky set

In every scene there seems to be that one special moment that propels a scene to the moon, and well, last night may have been just that for UK Funky. With a night filled with UK Funky across major radio stations such as Rinse, Reprezent and Rinse France from the likes of Roska, New York Transit Authority, Murder he wrote and more, it seems as though Funky is seeing the limelight it has consistently and persistently deserved.

However, when one of UK Funky’s pioneers and commanding chiefs Marcus Nasty invites one of the most influential and respected names in underground electronic music down for a b2b live on Rinse FM, you know history is about to be made.

Step in Skream, Marcus Nasty and D Double E.

Listen to the full set below courtesy of Rinse


History may of just been made, and rightly so, but what’s also just as important to note is throughout the show, the amount of talented upcomers and breakthrough styles that are being brought through and showcased on a global scale who are now finally receiving the recognition and support they deserve.

It’s moments like last night that exemplify what the scene and community has to offer, and seems that it has no boundaries as to where it goes from here. With sub genres appearing like there’s no tomorrow, there’s a new crop coming through and it’s safe to say the direction, development and expansion of UK Funky over recent times has propelled the scene right back to the forefront of UK underground music once again.

Oh and Skream tweeted this shortly after “That was fun! Me and Marcus are gonna do a 2 hour set soon so keep me peeled!“. Stay Funky.



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